Who we are

We are BHVI.

We are a family limited company.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Personal data is mainly collected at the user’s own discretion, usually through a contact, reservation form or any other form of communication (like phone call or email) where personal information is willingly passed onto us and our team that are vital to our job.

This data well be held on either our secure mail servers (if contacted via email), or on our independent booking system when making a reservation. This information can be viewed and/or removed from these services upon request if deemed necessary by the user.

Users also will be notified in any breach in our systems or independent systems that we use that may lead to a loss of personal information. This is an unlikely event, although we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that a breach won’t occur, especially on any 3rd party services that we use (like our booking system) which are maintained by other companies and organisations.


This website does use cookies in order to better the experience of any user on our website, for instance using Google Maps or social media plugins, as well as collecting analytical data.

Any user can turn our cookies off in the browser settings, but this will hinder certain parts of our website from working as they are supposed to.

Who we share your data with

Any data we collect you from users won’t be passed along or shared with any 3rd party unless express permission is given by the user in advance.

Services like our booking system will collect user data that is inputted from from the user, but any of this information will be privy to our company and it’s employees.

How long we retain your data

We will keep any user information, whether it is part of an email thread, or a phone number offered up as a means of contact when making a reservation, until the user asks their data to be removed or it is no longer relevant to our company.