About Us

We are the Swarbrick family and we run the pub and restaurant at the Bay Horse Inn.

In autumn 2016 a major fire destroyed the kitchen and seriously damaged the restaurant, ending the tenure of the previous owners. A group of investors raised the money to buy the property the following year and offered it on a commercial lease basis as an empty shell of a building.

We signed the lease in October 2017 and with a massive investment – of money and effort from the whole family – we decorated, furnished and fitted out the whole pub, kitchen and restaurant, and opened to the public in just 8 weeks.

Since then we have built the best village pub & restaurant of its type in the area, serving the village as its social hub, whilst drawing in a loyal customer base from miles around.

Then along comes a global pandemic – well, these things happen, don’t they…? Thanks to a steadfast commitment from the family to continue supporting the business through desperate times, we not only survived but we reopened stronger than ever, with a major refurb inside, extra investment in the outside space, and a whole new menu too.

We also supported some 20 local jobs throughout the lockdowns. Our brilliant staff, most in their teens and early twenties, who bring their youthful energy and smiles to the friendly service we offer every day. Without them, Roughlee would have more in common with a Funeral Director’s waiting room, than a quiet but welcoming rural hamlet in Pendle’s glorious Witch Country.

So come on in – you’re assured good food and drink and a very warm welcome!