The Bay Horse Inn Roughlee


All change for the Bay Horse...

Sunday 17th October was our last day as a family company at the Bay Horse. It was gratifying to receive so many good wishes and thanks, and for so many people to come along and help us celebrate our time here. It was a lovely day.

We rounded up our final day's proceeds to £2,000 which as promised we have now donated to Pendleside Hospice.

Our thanks go out to all our friends, and to those neighbours who have supported us over the last four years, our regular customers from near and far, and everyone who helped make it a success.

We especially want to thank all our wonderful staff, some of whom were with us right from the start. Your skills, hard work, and excellent service all helped make both a fine restaurant and the best village pub in the area. For your dedication and your friendship we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are proud of what we achieved together.

We wish the new tenants well, and we hope the Bay Horse Inn has a bright future built on the foundations we laid.

The Swarbrick Family

updated 05/11/2021